Consulting and Integrated Design

Remote Services

  • Websites and blog
    I (Jenny) maintain this site which is a wordpress site and also have a blog hosted for free on blogger. This site is my best reference on what I can do for you and your online presence.
  • Bookeeping
    I (Jenny) maintain the books for my own companies and also currently serve on the board as treasurer for the Big Bend Citizens Alliance and Terligua Burlesque.

Local Services

  • Landscape Design
    Also known as xeriscape, using native plants and passive rainwater collection which attempts to intercept and store rainwater directly into the soil in order to create landscapes that don’t sacrifice beauty for low maintenance and drought tolerance. The components covered by this design include permanent hardscape, watershed runoff, soil composition, climate and micro-climates, plants, mulch and these design elements combined with rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse and drip irrigation if applicable.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
    Active collection of rainwater and storage in a tank for later use in either potable or non-potable applications. The components covered by this design are catchment surface, gutters, filters, tanks, pumps, conveyance, distribution piping, applicable backflow protection and sanitation for potable water applications. This design does not include distribution plumbing to point of use within the structure.
  • Greywater Reuse Systems
    Using the wastewater generated from a home or other structure to irrigate landscape plants safely in order to reduce the use of potable water, support plant growth and reclaim the nutrients found in greywater. The components covered by this design include distribution plumbing from showers, sinks and washing machines, surge capacity, soil type and quality, and sub-surface outlet chambers.
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
    Temporary or permanent systems for adding supplemental irrigation to establish landscape vegetation or grow vegetables with efficient use of water. The components covered by this design include pressurized or gravity flow systems, backflow protection, tubing, emitters, timers, and connectors.

Let’s design something together.