This website started as our company profile page but over time has developed into a local guide for sustainable, off-grid, desert living. We love, love, love running the website and writing cool articles! While most Big Bend sites are geared towards tourists this one is not and we want it to be considered the best local guide for living in South Brewster County, TX.

We are a locally owned, family run business and we have lived full time in Terlingua since 2012 after working as river guides since 2009. While we don’t work on the river anymore, we physically work in the local area under the general label of “landscapers”. Sometimes we cut weeds and sometimes we design, build and install desert gardens. Our goal is being sustainable by working with the utmost respect for the land, water, animals, insects and people.


Tim and Jenny met on the banks of the Nolichucky River of east Tennessee in 2008. Their river ramblings eventually led them to the Rio Grande where they would ultimately find their forever home, Terlingua. They worked for several years as guides for Far Flung Outdoor Center educating visitors about the land, plants, water and people of this harsh region.

But is educating visitors enough? Soon that pursuit would evolve into a passion for helping South County residents gain a deeper understanding of their Chihuahuan Desert home. Likewise, we are all just visitors to this ancient country.

And so the company was born as a business to serve the residents: human, animal, floral and microbial.

Consultations and designs are a major part of what we do. Afterall, we literally cannot work our bones to death before they are ready to be laid in the ground. It just goes against the name, Sustainable Terlingua


Founder and business manager, corporate drop out. She has worked with both ‘Big Parks’ in various botanical pursuits as well as spent many years drinking rainwater and digging in Terlingua Gardens.

Jenny Schooler

ocotillo fence at the Buzzard's Roost, Terlingua TX

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Best known for picking guitar and making you just want to honkey tonk, he does get his hands dirty by turning wrenches on the various machines in our operation. He especially likes the noisy ones.

Tim Relleva

pancho the donkey
pancho the donkey

He is just an ASS! We don’t really remember what his original purpose was but if you have a whole bunch of weeds we could probably put him to good use. (finally)



Emory Peak Services, 325-396-8769, Shawn Shields works closely with us on bigger landscaping projects and also offers custom succulent display pieces for functions or home decor.

Rio Bravo Construction, 361-945-5250, Chuck Tise helps us with site work and pads for rainwater harvesting tanks.

Keen Contracting, 903-571-8384, Josh Keenan is our master plumber with whom we consult with quite a bit but also leave all the interior plumbing build out to him as well.

All Energies, 432-371-2905, Casey Colando provides full service off-grid or grid tied solar power design and installations.

Flack Electrical Services, 940-255-2723, Josh Flack is a licensed electrician who is always there for us when we ever so occasionally need it.