Shipping and Packaging Policy

Product consumption and online shopping has a great impact on the Earth. The only way to make our world better is to evaluate ALL of our practices and at Sustainable Terlingua we are all about putting a higher standard on everything we do.


Your order will be shipped by USPS first class mail (ie. ground shipping) on the earliest day we are going through town after you place your order. Since the Terlingua Post Office is right here in town next to the bank, the gas station and the grocery store, we can drop off packages at the PO while running other errands. Stacking functions reduces fuel consumption but it is also smart business. What this means to you is that we may not be able to ship your order until a few days after you placed your order. We’ll send you an email to let you know when your order has shipped.

Expedited shipping options waste valuable resources so we don’t offer it. We all love getting things delivered to our doors in just a day or two, but it comes at an efficiency cost.


Your order will arrive in an paperboard envelope that has been made from another paperboard box, likely one who’s original purpose was a cereal or beer box. It’s not recycled packaging, it reused packaging!

The “please recycle” message is constantly in our faces these days but it can actually be quite difficult to recycle, especially in remote places like Terlingua. We spent a few years in the recycling business here and the take away message from that experience was that consumers and companies are missing the most important part of the message:

REDUCE your consumption, REUSE everything you possibly can, only THEN RECYCLE.

The best way to make an impact is to follow these principals in order. Our shipping and packaging policy serves to reduce fuel consumption, reuse packaging and recycle anything that’s left over by putting the cut off bits into the compost or the fireplace.